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Rocapoll 2008, vi de la vila from Gratallops, DOQ Priorat

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Welcome to the DEVINSSI winery blog. As you can see, we're located in Gratallops, the nucleus of Priorat. We've been around for over ten years, and today we'd like to tell you about our new wine: Rocapoll 2008, Gratallops vi de vila (village wine). How does it mean? Over a year ago certain initiatives were transformed into regulations by the DOQ Priorat body in order to bring to a further level the wine local identity within the appellation boundaries, basically according to the municipal terroir and grapevine age. For more details about the Priorat sub-zones, please visit:
  1. The DOQ Priorat approves the new appellation “Vi de la vila” (pdf)
  2. Vi de Vila: Increasingly Innovative Priorat
The following Rocapoll 2008 tasting notes were made by Àngel Garcia Petit, enologist and pharmacist, in Gratallops, on 25 February 2011.

Rocapoll, Devinssi Winery, Gratallops, PrioratA wine in which Carignan expresses itself to the uttermost, with a surprising flavour and savour complexity, where mineral, spicy and softly toast notes are blended in with sugared almonds and aromatic herbs evoking the typical ratafia from Olot.

In the mouth, the intense beefy taste matches the wine's excellent acidity that makes the wine fresh and brisk. The tannins are intense, polished and make up a balanced triangle with the acidity and alcohol, which provides the right structure, consistency and easy drinkability.

The aftertaste is long, aromatic and vigorous. This wine will refine within five years and can be cellared for over a decade.

Rocapoll 2008 was produced by the DEVINSSI cellar from Carignan grapes grown in our oldest vineyards. This vintage produced 300 bottles.

The vinification has been entirely artisanal from the fermentation carried out by the grapes’ own yeast to bottling after ageing in the new fine-grained Allier French oak casks.

The name of Rocapoll pays homage to our father, Josep Roca i Poll, the main promoter of the wine-making project called DEVINSSI.

Picture of the day:
A view of the village of Gratallops and the Montsant mountain chain at the background, seen from the Finca Rocapoll (Priorat)

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