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Grapevine Adoption © in Gratallops, DOQ Priorat, Catalonia, Spain

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Nowadays, the links between wine lovers and wine-producing regions are increasingly close, heartier and diverse. Many of us would like to keep a special relationship with the vineyard.
Some are lucky to have purchased a winery; others travel along wine routes to familiarise with vintner regions and their people.
Likewise, a strong interest is growing in adopting some grapevines; it proves to be a smart way to save on buying high quality wine and visiting a wine producer. Plus, what an original and elegant gift it has to be! So timely in no end of lifetime occasions!
At the Devinssi Winery, we offer some vines planted in Gratallops for adoption, the wine they produced (certified by the DOQ Prioratregulatory board) in customised-labelled bottles for purchase, and the cellar and vineyards (where your wards grow) for paying a heart-to-heart visit and giving them some gentle strokes. Discounts for other Devinssi products are included.
· What does grapevine adoption mean?
  • It’s a way of making a contribution to the cultivation of several vine plants and and obtaining its fruit, i.e. wine, at an advantageous price with a customised label.
· How does it all work?
  • Once you’ve placed your order, we send you straightaway your adoption certificate, your loyalty card, and your wine.
· What wine will I get?
  • Wines that are produced in our winery from grapes cropped on our estates and of the vintage that is to be released in the current year. All wines are certified by the Priorat Qualified Designation of Origin regulatory body.
· So what wines are they? Which winery do they come from? Where are the vineyards situated?
· Can I just pick up the wine when visiting the winery?
  • Definitely. If you notify when you submit your order.
· How long is my loyalty card valid? How can I renew it?
  • Within a year starting from the order placement date. The card is renewed through a new order.
· What adoptions formulas can I choose from?
· When can I visit the Devinssi Winery in Priorat?
  • In essence, on any date, provided that you notify in advance.
· How can I take part in the wine-making activities?
  • We’ll publish before long a calendar of wine-making chores to enrol. Please note that fluctuations are naturally possible due to the climatic conditions.
· What does the guardian’s monthly newsletter include?
  • Latest news from the winery,
  • Pictures of the adopted vines and of the vineyard in general,
  • New offers from Taula Selecció.

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