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An original idea for a Christmas present: grapevine adoption © in Priorat, Catalonia, Spain

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Christmas time is coming along: fancy decorations at home, Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year, and the Magi (6 January)... Have you come up with a gift idea for your dearest and nearest? What could be a gift idea for your parents, your partner, grown-up kids or a bosom friend? Coming across a nice, original, memorable and tailor-made Christmas present seems may seem quite puzzling.
At the Devinssi Winery (Priorat) we offer you a slick Christmas present idea that will be opportune in many personal occasions: adopting a grapevine from a vineyard in Gratallops.

How does this gift work? – The lucky one will become a sponsor for one or several grapevines in one of the world’s most exclusive wine-making regions: DOQ Priorat (Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain), namely in Gratallops (7,5 miles away from Falset), and will be able to stay in touch with their vines throughout the year till the next Yuletide.
What’s the tangible present for the grapevine adopter/guardian? – A certificate of adoption plus a case of wine brewed from grapes coming from the adopted vineyard. Additionally, depending on the adoption formula (A or B, not C), they’ll enjoy a chance to visit the vineyard and the winery. See specifications for each adoption formulas here.
How do you keep in touch with the plants? – Through a monthly newsletter that updates you on the latest news from the winemaker and the vineyard. See below an example of a newsletter and a couple of pictures of some adopted vines.
grapevine adoption newsletterceps apadrinats vides apadrinadas adopted vinesceps apadrinats vides apadrinadas adopted vines

Why not opt for such a special Christmas present that will be so meaningful to your family and friends and will remind them of your heart-to-heart bond.
What do I need to give a grapevine adoption present for Christmas?
- Choose one of the adoption formulas
- Contact us either throught the Taula Selecció wine shop or directly at the winery
- Purchase the gift (providing necessary details so that we can deliver the wine and the monthly newsletter to the new adopter)
- Check if the gift delivery was successful or hand it in personally
- Enjoy the new guardian’s gratefulness
Our grapevine adoptions have just been cited as an example of best practices in the "" daily paper (14 September 2011, paper copy, page 39).
If you find our gift idea original and attractive, please contact us: Taula Selecció or Devinssi Winery. If you need any further customisation for your grapevine adoption, we’ll welcome new ideas and suggestions.
Greetings from Gratallops, Priorat

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